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4th Dimension magic trick - Zeki  

2014-11-27 12:11:17 编辑:hg黄冠 来源:魔友网会员
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Visual and Unique Magic from Yoo Hyun Min, 2011 FISM Asia Close-Up Grand Prix Winner. 


(Effect) A solid red ball VISUALLY appears from a thin, flat sheet of black plastic, and then the ball VISUALLY returns into the thin, flat sheet! 


In the instructional and Lecture DVD (Subtitles in English), Hyun Min presents some very visual and effective techniques that you can use when creating your own magical routines. 

You will be able to apply these techniques and skills to your stage, parlor or even close-up magic. 


Artistically, Magically, and Visually beautiful!! 


Comes complete with Gimmicks and instructional and Lecture DVD. 


Yoo Hyun Min's Profile:


2006 Busan International Magic Festival Close-up 1st Prize

2008 World Magic Seminar Asia (UGM) Close-up 1st Prize

2009 International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) in Nashville Close-up 1st Prize

2011 FISM Asia in Hong Kong Close-up Grand Prix

2012 FISM Card Magic 3rd Prize


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