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2015 T11 过手假洗牌 FoS by Bizau Cristian

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2015 T11 过手假洗牌 FoS by Bizau Cristian

What makes "FoS" special, from my opinion, is the fact that it looks, sounds and moves exactly like a regular overhand shuffle.
Invisible from all angles.
Once you pick up the method, the shuffle will become automatic. Soon afterwards, you'll have to force yourself to actually shuffle a deck.
Inside the download you will find:
In-depth explanation of the theory, technique and mechanics behind the move.
How to perform the shuffle using 3 or multiple cuts.
Two methods for false shuffling the deck face up and making it look like a regular shuffle.
Subtleties such as:
- stopping while false shuffling, then picking it back up - displacing a card throughout the deck (at a known or unknown position) - controlling a selection to the top - palming a card - making the deck look messed up (face up into face down) or normal, (when it isn't) all with the use of the shuffle.
Applications and Ideas for and with the shuffle include 2 triumphs, mention of the invisible deck, a combination with a bridge false shuffle and more.
"(normal negative)", a natural false cutting sequence which retains the entire deck and doesn't attract any attention (cause it ain't fancy, boy). 

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