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2015 DM怒摔牌 Bounce by Daniel Madison

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2015 DM怒摔牌 Bounce by Daniel Madison

Traditionally, the haunted pack involves a deck of cards s-l-o-w-l-y parting to reveal it’s cut itself at a spectator’s chosen card. Daniel Madison is not traditional.

Originally created to be a way of locating a spectator’s card in a casual spread, Bounce draws on multiple inspirations to become an almost ‘fluke-like’ display of cutting the deck to a spectator’s card. Only it’s not a fluke. It’s dead on. Every time.

A card is chosen, signed, and returned to the pack. The deck is shuffled - by performer or spectator - before being thrown flat on the ground. Amazingly, half the pack bounces away from the rest, cleanly cutting itself to leave one particular face-down card at the top of the pack. It’s turned over, and the spectator’s signature is staring back at them. The deck has cut itself to their card.

In nearly twenty minutes of teaching, Daniel Madison reveals the nuances, multiple handlings and technique that truly make this effect a jaw-dropper, with a little help from our 2014 Card Wars Winner, Fabio Costa.

This is the go-anywhere, perform-anytime miracle that will have spectators jumping as much as the deck. 

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