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The Maximiliano Giaconia EP by Maxi Giaconia

2018-03-05 18:59:07 编辑:臧臧 来源:魔友网
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【教学名称】:The Maximiliano Giaconia EP by Maxi Giaconia


On this STUNNING first effort from Maximiliano Giaconia we are treated to two effects, each one with a visual quality rarely seen in card magic. The difficulty level on this download is high, but the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Worth the time? Absolutely! We think Max is going to be a major force in card magic. On his debut tutorial, you will learn:


  • Gamma revelation: A four-at-once card production. 
  • Seekers finders keepers: A sandwich effect in which two mates disappear and reappear around a selected card. 
  • Seekers Finders Keepers In-the-Hands Version: Same thing as above, but this time without the table.


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